In Progress

::Projects on our work table or needles.

Laura's projects:

Almost a year ago I started an Alabama Chanin style hat for myself after making a couple for friends...I recently rescued it from the dark recesses of my little crafts cabinet and after just a few hours of pleasant hand stitching it is almost ready to wear, AND I've got one less project languishing:

Buoyed by my shirt designing success, I'm onto idea #2. 

As much as I love the yarn I used for my first shirt-it is $17/skein. I can't afford to design something and knit up multiple drafts at that price. So, I'm using $3 cotton crochet yarn from (eep!) Walmart. I really like the way it knits up-makes exactly the fabric I'm after....

Pleased for one of my photos to be included in issue 5, I painted a little thank you to send off to Taproot magazine.

It was so much fun to make, and I've since been messing around making more nature-y letters. I used to spot little bits on my walks for my rainbow project, now I'm seeing letter possibilities everywhere!

Katie's Projects

Well, after much thinking and quite a bit of obsessive internet research, I cut a big hole in my porch railing.

The new steps will be twelve feet long, and each one is a generous 15" deep. Now I'm trying to puzzle out the math for the stringers, which are the boards that are cut to hold up the actual stair treads.  I made a mistake on the angles on my first try, but happily, I have extra lumber. So I'll have another go tomorrow. 

I'm also preparing to dig holes and set posts for the fence that will enclose one side of the courtyard and just looking at this photo- 

makes me tired. The posts are "phase 2" of this project, so they are on hold for now until I source some cedar for the fence. With a project like this there are plenty of different tasks to do, so if the stair math is vexing me, I can move on to something else, like relocating plants or raking leaves. Also, I can do my favorite thing, putter around my yard and make big plans, driving in stakes and stringing mason's twine everywhere to indicate new paths, new decks and even a new screen house. 

But first things first, I'm going to figure out those stairs tomorrow.