How I Felt: Delay & Production Mode

Here's what I'm doing today- 

Wait, what? That's not a felted clutch embellished with sequins. 

Tuesdays are usually the day I've been posting my How I Felt series. But today, I hope you understand, I'm working feverishly on what I feel like working on. There was a birthday in our family on Saturday, my nephew Eli just turned nine, and I'd been planning all along on making him a boat for his birthday. So I started kinda late and began work on it yesterday, planning to surprise him at our next family dinner on Sunday. 

But. Then I felt bad that my other nephew Isaac would be the only kid without a new boat. And his birthday isn't until the end of June. I suspect there will be a lot of creek-time between now and then. Didn't seem fair. So. I'm working on making TWO more boats in time for a Sunday launch.

I'm working in the courtyard and soaking up the sunny warmth. I've got Black Keys on the stereo, a talkative mockingbird in the oak tree above me and my quiet but faithful shop assistant keeping me company. 

You'll note that both of my boys' boats have paint on them. The one in the back is totally done and the one in the front still needs a couple more coats of paint. 

I've got my fancy clamp collection out, 

And my favorite tools, including my quilting ruler which is the BEST thing for marking coordinates.

I'm still not sure I will make my deadline, as the glue and paint drying times are going to make things very tight. I don't want to jinx my new work, but I'm really benefiting from my previous experience, and these are going together smoothly so far. 

I will be back to regularly scheduled felting talk next week, thanks for your patience.