Laura's tangents

The woods are full of tiny treasures right now:

Fall is the big loud season for leaves, but I love the sizes, colors, and textures of new, freshly unfurled leaves...

Dwarf Larkspur, Blue Phlox, Crested Dwarf Iris

First morel this spring!

 Katie's Tangents

Now I'm not just thinking about my courtyard project, I'm making lists and plans.

There are going to be wide, generous stairs between the two boards I have propped up. It's tricky to figure out all the measurements and angles, but slow and steady is working for me. I also am planning a fence made from locally-harvested cedar as well as some large galvanized metal planter boxes. 

I'm also thinking about vegetable gardening and Root Simple's posts on straw bale gardening spurred me to action and I am trying my own straw bale garden with four bales in my front yard. Happily we've had almost daily rain so I haven't had to water them much. I'm telling myself the the neigbors won't mind the look of the bales, and besides, the roses will grow more soon anyway... 

I'm happy to note that my one-year-old street-side raised beds may be encouraging front-yard garden copycats, one of our neighbors just installed a beautiful raised bed in their front yard and a couple that walks by almost daily is installing  several raised beds in their backyard. Makes me happy to live on a street where people think what I am doing is cool, not crazy.