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Katie's Tangents

Well, we did it! Yesterday was a perfect spring day and while the paint on the boats hadn't cured long enough, it was time to try them out. 

We had a low-key family picnic with Laura's family, my brother Josh and his wife Megan who were visiting from Iowa, as well as Abby, Josh, Margot and Josh's visiting mom Terri- that's all four siblings in my family together at once- a pretty rare occurance. 

And then we tried out the boats. It was just as thrilling and magical as I'd hoped.

Avery and Isaac really got the hang of paddling and steering. It's tricky with one paddle! 

The boys love them. They had a wonderful time exploring the creek. Us adults tried them out too- Josh gave Avery a tow upstream,

And Laura and Michael headed down the creek as far as they could go before they reached the shallows. 

The creek was very low, but there was still lots of room to explore. And the current was so gentle, the kids could paddle all around, instead of just being pulled downstream. The shallow sections kept them from floating far away, so we could relax and just let them play.

It was a perfect evening and I'm so pleased with the way it all turned out! I'm hoping the boys get lots of use out of the boats this Spring and Summer.

Laura's Tangents

Enjoying spotting wildflowers as they come up-I especially love meadow rue:

Warmer weather and longer days also leads to house-work getting done:

The current task is installing 2 inch thick tongue and groove flooring upstairs-the under side will serve as the ceiling downstairs...