Tiny boat progress- 99.99% done


Here they are in my messy workspace/driveway. They are just about done. Today was a rough one- sick kiddo home from school, lots of exciting book-related work (more soon- But for now, check this out!!), general malaise on my part, and blustery weather conspired and for a while I thought I would not get these puppies done. 

But this evening, I made myself go back outside and put on the final coats of paint. I added seats to the two green boats and will secure them after the paint is dry. 

They all still need eye-bolts on the front for rope-tying, but I can do that later. 

Whew! The last 10% of a project is always the most difficult for me. I was planning to stencil names on each of the boats and make little streamers/flags for decorations, but I'm not sure I'll have time. 

We're still set for a Sunday launch, can I still keep it a secret from my nephews? Hope so.