Projects in Progress

::Projects on our work table or needles.

Laura's Projects

Thanks to my Mom something I've neglected for weeks finally got some attention:

Hopefully by next week it will be totally finished and ready to show off.

I'm also knitting up a summery shirt of my own design:

It is going very fast and I can't wait to see if my idea works...

Katie's projects

If everyone in my life gets to (has to) hear me going on and on about tiny boats this week then you do as well. The two boats for my nephews are coming along...

There were some rocky patches yesterday, but my dad is in town and helped me get back on track with some better lumber and additional hardware.

I'm beginning to think I just might make my deadline. The chine logs (those long side rails on the top and bottom) and bottoms are all on. Michael did a lot of rasping by the light of the moon last night to get the edges all even and clear of extra glue. 

These are much more nicely finished than the first two, I'm finally getting the hang of this! 

Now on to decks, seats and paint today!

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