In Progress

::Projects on our work table or needles.

Katie's Projects

I've been working steadily on my next self-published knitting pattern- a super-sweet felted moccasin boot for babies. I made several wonky drafts but am now happy with the pattern. I graded it for all sizes of baby feet and now need to knit the samples. And I have been slowly, slowly knitting them. 

These little boots could have been knitted, felted and embellished by Wednesday but I'm supremely distractible this week. After I found out about a local art exhibit opportunity that's coming up, I delved into felt-shaping trials.

Until I came up with something I think has promise

But researching felt-shaping lead me to a rabbit-hole of tutorials about freeform hat blockingmaking felt hats, and making felt hat blanks, so I'm off to the store to buy a playground ball and some pantyhose, knitting pattern work be damned. Do I even NEED a felt hat? Doesn't matter. I have got to try to make one. Today. 

Could this be why I'm not making big-bucks selling knitting patterns? Hm...

Laura's Projects 

I've started another baby quilt, this time for my sister Abby's little one on the way-making more half square triangle units. I started by cutting out 7 inch squares:

Placed two right sides together, stitched all the way around-then cut them apart:

Next step, sew them together in pairs:

I'm scheming about how to make two secret bunnies for my boys for Easter without them noticing....

Have you seen Miss Maggie? The pattern includes patterns for the clothes pictured, I'm going to make pants (overalls?) for boy bunnies. I've got wool felt simmering in a walnut bath right now for the bodies....