Tangents: New Niece Edition

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We've been a bit absent here this week, but for good reason- Our new niece Margot arrived fashionably late on Wednesday. We think she's perfect!

Our week was spent keeping Abby and Josh company at the hospital, cooking extra meals for the new family, and making a few decorations.

Laura did not miss a chance to use her new pompom garlands...

Today we converged at Abby and Josh's place to share a meal and have some fun out in their meadow- 

Times are changing in Kentucky, you can buy cascarones ready-made! Do you know about them? All the fun of an egg hunt with none of the dubious hard-boileds or plasticy candy-filled. (Plus major bonus for being able to throw confetti eggs at each other!) 

Also, turns out Avery is picking up Michael's special four-leaf finding skill. 

We're lucky all-around.