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Katie's Tangents

I'm really thinking about spring, even though it's snowing outside. The snow is not preventing me from making big garden plans that I can enact when it finally does warm up. We have a courtyard that is between our house and studio and it is in major need of some lanscaping. I've been pinning like crazy and am coming up with some good ideas. Here's my board, the look I'm going for is modern yet warm and I'm hoping to make a cozy seating area between the two oak trees. Here's a before shot of what I have to work with... 

(By the way, this image is from last year on March 14 and there were grape hyacinths blooming already! Not sure they'll bloom that early this year...)

In the same vein, ModFruGal's patio project was inspiring to read about this week. 

I'm pleased that some of my tutorials are a part of this epic Wildcrafting list, full of things to make from natural materials. Check it out for some awesome inpsiration. 


Laura's Tangents

Last time I posted photos of our tiny house was a year ago-the living room was spare and tidy- the house wrap is visible around the windows cause we hadn't done the trim yet, but meh, who cares:

One year later and while I have put down flooring, we still don't have trim-or proper curtains, and my sewing/knitting/creating supplies-and seed starting-are threatening to take over. Illness and bad weather have forced us to spend too much time inside...and I've had it with the unfinished look. SO! One impulsive and necessary trip to Lowes later and we have a pile of trim boards that won't have to wait too long to be installed. Here's hoping storage and curtain solutions are just as easy to procure...