How I Felt: Simple Hand-Felting Projects

So here is the rundown on the How I Felt series so far: 

How I Felt series introduction

What is felting? 

What is felting good for? 

Machine VS hand felting

And finally, how I hand felt

Today I'm going to share a few pattern ideas if you are curious about hand-felting. All of these projects can be knit with any worsted-weight feltable yarn, and they are all super-simple, small projects. 

The Simple candle holder string makes use of a color-changing yarn to great effect. And the knitting could not be simpler- you just knit a rectangle and sew up the ends and tack the work together in a few places before felting. 

The color stripe vessels are a fun way to use up bits of yarn.

Not really seasonally appropriate, but you could also try my little Jack O'Lantern pattern.

This one has an added step of a bit of shaping after you felt it, so you'd learn a few new tricks I employ by following this pattern. 

Or how about get ready for summertime cookouts and make a few beer cozies

Let me know in the comments if you've tried hand-felting and if you have any tips or questions about the process.

Next week, I'm beginning a new chapter of this How I Felt series: Surface Design for Felted Knits. I've got a whole bunch of mini-clutches all knit up and ready to felt. I'll share that free pattern next week. Then, for six weeks, I'll show you how you could alter the simple design in all sorts of ways. It's going to be great! If you want to play along, be sure you have a skein of Cascade 220 or something similar and a pair of double point size 10 1/2 needles.