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Katie's Tangents:

I've been thinking about vegetable gardening, and despite my feelings early in the growing season last year, I've come to appreciate chard. 

I'm getting ready to begin the hardening off process for plants like chard as well as the lettuces, Asian greens and broccoli I have started inside. 

We planted onions, peas, radish and spinach outside this weekend, feeling grateful for our prepared garden beds. Last year I had lots of hammering and soil hauling to do before I could plant anything. 

I'm also thinking about inkle looms, fancy friendship bracelets, macrame and wondering if it's too late to knit a new cowl for this chilly spring we're having. 


Laura's Tangents:

We have had one or two nice gardening days lately-but lots more rainy cold ones, when the only thing to do is make plans and read. (I did manage to get my onion sets, peas and first plantings of radishes and beets planted yesterday...)

I'm excited to read brand new The Four Season Farm Gardener's Cookbook by Barbara Damrosch and Eliot Coleman. I especially love Barbara's voice, and am curious to see how they've adapted their farming style to home scale gardening.

I just finished The Vegetable Gardener's Guide to Permaculture by Christopher Shein, and was disappointed. While it is a beautifully produced book, it is nowhere near as comprehensive an introduction to permaculture as Gaia's Garden

I've also been inspired by Katie's garden board on Pinterest....

(a photo from this past summer-proof that it will be green again soon!)

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