In Progress

::Projects on our work table or needles.

Laura's projects:

The one comfy chair in our tiny house is overdue for a facelift-when I recently washed the cushion cover it disintegrated...

My Mom is visiting and she had lots of reupholstering experience, so! Monday we stripped all the old fabric off, Tuesday we sought out new fabric, and today we are going to start putting it all together...

My boys came along on the fabric shopping trip and they lamented long and loud (but politely) that if we go with the tweed-y grey I chose, the chair will no longer be "the orange chair"...The grey and orange floral is what they grudgingly picked out to make a throw pillow to go on the chair so it still has a bit of orange associated with it...

I've also spent a lovely bit of time working on a bunny. It has been too long since I did any hand stitching. I can't wait to get his arms and legs on and make some clothes.

Katie's Projects:

Note to my sister Abby: Baby gift spoilers ahead....

I messed around with adding some folds to the felt hat yesterday. 

It's still drying. A craft shop foam head stands in for a real hat block, for some reason the man's head was the one that measured 22" around. 

I'm not sure why I'm continuing with this hat as nothing is going to change the utter sheepiness of it. Generally I am pro-sheepiness. But I wanted something more sleek and trim. But it's good to learn more before continuing with different wool, I figure. Still I must admit I'm always a bit disappointed when my *first* try at something doesn't turn out perfectly. The next step is securing the folds with tiny stitches on the inside. I also have some natural shellac that I've been dying to try, I may add a coat of that to the hat to stiffen it a bit. 

Seeing as my sister Abby's baby is due to arrive in a couple weeks, I figured I need to get going on some serious baby knitting.

This is the ubiquitous Pebble using Malabrigo worsted variegated in "Deja Vu". I love this colorway- it's a bit more subdued and smoky in real life. I know it is not the most practical yarn for a baby gift. It won't wear very well, and it needs to be handwashed, but it's SO soft and SO pretty, I figured it's worth it. This pattern is clicking right along and since I'm procrastinating working on the Baby Moccasin Boot pattern, (and since it's SNOWING again and I can't work in the garden) I just may finish it today. I think I'm going to love these small baby knitting projects. I'm trying to hit all the "Must Knit" baby knits and Saartje's booties are up next using the perfect shade of Madeline Tosh dusty pink yarn that I have left-over from working on my book. What do you consider a "don't miss" baby knit? I'll add it to my queue.