A Cozy Story

My daily beverage is water with lots of fresh lime juice. I buy limes by the half-dozen and if you're a guest at my house, I will probably reflexively squeeze some limes into your water glass too. If we are out of limes, I just skip drinking water until I buy more tangy citrus- plain old lemons are OK in emergency situations only. 

Anyway, I've found that my favorite drink is even better with some of the Meyer lemons that have been at the store lately. 

And quart-size mason jar with a Cuppow lid is a perfect way to tote my drink around the house, studio and garden. But there's a problem- 

Condensation. Annoying at this time of year, but it gets really bad- drippy and slippery in July. In fact, I had a dramatic episode once when I dropped (and shattered!) a big jar full of ice water in a busy gas station.  

So my solution was to design a knitting pattern for a knitted and felted cozy. 

A handle for easy toting and stripes for fun, this cozy is super-functional. It insulates my drink, protects the jar AND absorbs condensation. Really, what more could you ask for in a cozy? 

Long-time blog readers may remember that I released a pattern for a quart-size mason jar cozy a couple years ago. It's been a popular pattern, as plenty of other folks like using mason jars for beverages as well. But I use all sizes of mason jars, not just the quart size. And my family also uses Klean Kanteen water bottles all the time. Also, I thought a beer cozy would be fun to have this summer.

So! I am going to soon release an updated pattern that includes ELEVEN sizes of cozies: 7 different mason jar sizes- from half-gallon all the way down to the tiny four-ounce jars. Also included is a cozy that's just the right size for a beer bottle and 3 sizes of Klean Kanteen water bottles- 12 ounce, 18 ounce and 27 ounce. 

I did all the math and knitted many samples so the felted cozies that you make will fit just-right. I am also including directions for three types of optional handles. I love the stripes, but if you want to make a single-color cozy, there will be clear directions for both stripes and plain. Through the course of writing my book (which is now available on Amazon to preorder!), I perfected my hand-felting technique and will share detailed felting and finishing directions. 

More details coming soon, I'm planning to release the pattern next week and one of the sizes will be a freebie...