In Progress

::Projects on our work table or needles.

Katie's projects

I spent a pleasant morning working in the sun at my dining  table, finishing up projects and starting new ones. I'm working on the cross-stitch knitted clutches again. 

I put the zipper in the small one this morning. The largest of the three is still on the needles. 

I am working on my first embellished project from Alabama Studio Sewing and Design- it's a tank and will have lots more beads and sequins when it's complete. Laura and I made a muslin of this pattern months ago and altered the pattern just a bit so it fits perfectly. This first half went surprisingly quickly, I made myself do the stitching first, so getting to the beading was good motivation. I'm really hoping to get this done before warm weather. 

Laura's Projects

All I am working this week on is my sweater-so anxious to get it done and be wearing it! The pattern has the collar made of garter stitch, I did 2 x 2 ribbing instead-I also made it wider so it will overlap enough to use closures. (hmm, maybe giant crochet covered snaps like these?-never mind I can't crochet...)

I adore how generous the collar turned out-on to the sleeves!

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