Cupid's arrows tutorial

Arrows are everywhere right now, and I love it. They remind me of childhood archery practice and my bow hunting Dad. What better way to utilize the trend than add glitter and make valentine decorations and gifts? 

They are fetching as a bundle:

Or strung into a mobile:

These arrows couldn't be easier to make-here's what you'll need to make 5 arrows ranging in length from 28"-8".

Tools: x-acto knife, x-acto saw, scissors, pencil sharpener, sandpaper


3-1/4 inch x 3 foot dowels 

acrylic craft paint-I used Folk Art neon pink, magenta and cardinal red

watercolor paper or heavy card stock

glitter-silver for the arrow point and 3 different pinks for the fletching



printed arrowhead and fletching pieces (PDF here)


1. Sand the dowels smooth if they feel rough.

2. Cut the first dowel into 2 pieces-28" + 8", the second dowel into 2 pieces 24" + 12" and from the third a 16" piece.

3. Use the pencil sharpener to sharpen one end of each dowel into a point:

4. Print arrowhead and fletching pieces onto heavy card stock or watercolor paper. (Or do what I did and print onto regular paper and use this to make patterns to trace onto heavier paper.)

5. Cut out the arrowhead and fletching pieces, score along dotted lines. Each arrow requires 3 fletching pieces and 1 arrowhead piece.

6. Crease each arrowhead on the scored lines. fold in half, and glue the long edge together. Let dry.

7. Crease the fletching pieces, use tab to glue to the un-sharpened end of dowel. Space 3 fletchings in 1/2 inch from end, and evenly around each dowel. Let dry.

8. When the fletching glue is dry, paint arrows and fletching-you can use the sharpened end to hold onto-it won't show and doesn't need to be painted.

9.When paint on arrows is dry, coat both sides of each fletching piece and the section of the arrow they are glued to with glue and shake on glitter.

10. When fletching and arrowhead glitter is dry, apply glue to sharpened dowel point. Place inside arrowhead. Let dry.

11. When the arrowhead glue is dry, coat both sides with glue and shake on silver glitter. Set aside to dry.

12. To assemble mobile, cut an 8 foot long piece of thread, and fold it in half. Plave the smallest arrow on the thread near the middle loop, pull the loose ends on the thread through the loop, snugging it tight around the arrow.

13. Hold by the thread, let the arrow dangle, and find the balance point by scooting the thread along the dowel. Once you are happy with how the arrow is positioned add a dab of glue to the thread. Let dry.

14. Leave about a 6 inch length of thread and tie a single knot around the next largest arrow. Find the middle, and glue thread in place. Repeat for the rest of the arrows.

 Happy arrow making!