In Progress

::Projects on our work table or needles.

Katie's In Progress

Once again, I've been sitting in the sun at my dining room table working on knitting. I can't believe I'm writing these words but I'm designing some new slippers. These are going to be tiny moccasin boots for babies and I've got the third "draft" on my needles. I'm pretty happy with them so far. I'm looking forward to getting the shaping and sizing just right so I can move on to the fun part of embellishing the toes with embroidery or beads and adding deerskin lacing. I'm planning to self-publish this pattern if it turns out as sweet as I'm hoping. 

 I'm also working on a simple felted clutch and have got to knit my way through a whole skein of Cascade 220 before I can felt it. I've got a good bit left to do, but it's perfect mindless knitting. 

In big knitting news, I finally got a scale! I'm finding so many reasons to use it. For example, I weighed the finished slippers I just felted to see if I would have enough yarn left to knit one more with this yarn. It's not quite enough so I'm switching to a different color for the next draft. 

 After the moccs and the clutch, things are about to get a lot more pink. I've got a niece on the way and I think she will need some slippers too! 

Laura's In Progress

Can you spot the TWO finished projects in the photo?

Yes I'm happily wearing my spindrift sweater-I haven't wanted to wear anything else since I finished it. I'm afraid I made the sleeves a bit short, and it isn't even blocked yet, but I love it. I don't think I will add snaps or toggles-the pattern doesn't have any and after wearing it, I don't think it needs them. (Project notes here.)

Second project? In my hand is a new beer cozy thanks to Katie's free pattern. I used scraps of Noro Kureon striped with Lamb's Pride. I can't believe this is the first of Katie's patterns I've ever knitted! So easy and quick, I have a second one started.