New Pattern: Cozy Family + a freebie

It's finally done! 

Cozy Family, a knitting pattern for felted cozies that will fit 11 different jar and bottle sizes. 

The pattern is now available on Ravelry. It has been professionally edited and is super-detailed. There are hand-felting directions as well as instructions for how to make two sturdy handles for half-gallon jars, and optional short or long straps for quart jars or Klean Kanteen bottles.

And, because I want to share the cozy love with everyone, I've pulled out the pattern for the Beer Cozy and am giving that pattern away. Click here for the pdf. 

The pattern fits a standard-size longneck bottle. I added a color-block variation that has a mini-tassel and pompom embellishment, this particular cozy looks like how I feel in the summertime on Friday evening. 

I can't wait to see the cozies you make!