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Katie's Tangents
My vegetable seed order arrived yesterday, so I've been consulting the Farmer's Almanac moon planting calendar to figure out some planting dates. I think I'll start a few things under lights tomorrow. I know it's early but I can't help myself! 

I've been thinking about sewing sequins and this tutorial has been helpful. I'm really digging the first method they show. 

And have I ever told you how much I love this method for working short rows? Soctopus's shadow wrap tutorialis wonderfully enlightening and I'll never work another method of short rows again!  

This is behind-the-scenes blogging news, but I'm so excited about more fully integrating our shop's shopping cart with our site. Squarespace, our blog host, just annouced they are offering Commerce services. Love Squarespace and love this news! Just in time for our site re-design that's in the works. 

Laura's Tangents
Last week Katie and I got to check out a local exhibit of wall hangings by Alexander Calder:

Wouldn't it be cool to use these as quilt inspiration?
(My family loves our library's copy of Sandy's Circus-a great introduction to Calder's life and work.)

I'm in the same excited-to-plant boat as Katie...I ordered seeds from Southern Exposure this year-and have been studying their list of recommended planting dates. And, if regionally appropriate safe seeds weren't enough- their catalogue has gnomes on the cover: