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Katie's Tangents

 I'm still looking for signs of Spring and I found more proof this week.

I'm celebrating the deep-litter chicken run system as I hauled 15 (!) wheelbarrow loads of compost from my chicken's run to my garden beds today. It was so balmy and lovely today, if I had pea seeds I would have stuck a few in the ground. 

Lots of Asian dumpling-making has been happening over here, and I made steamed bao for the first time on Friday. They were amazing and my only regret is that I don't have any leftovers. 


Laura's Tangents

I've spent many hours over the last few weekends mowing our 1 1/2 acre front meadow-we let it grow tall, and mow it just once a year. As spring approaches the dead stalks from last year-many taller than me-need to make way for fresh growth. (We've borrowed a tractor in the past, but I used a push mower!) 

This felt like a nearly impossible job when I started it-but now it is done!

I started another baby quilt-it was inspired by the streak of lightning quilt in Denyse Schmidt's new book. The thought of cutting out all those triangles gave me pause. I found this genius tutorial for making half square triangle units-it works amazingly well. 

Troughs of micro greens growing on the living room floor in our tiny house-also prime playing space-led to this: