Laura's Tangents

Hello! Boy, it is so nice to be back in this space after an extended time away. We had just enough of a classic Kentucky ice storm this weekend to make our driveway sparkle:


I spent hours curled up with secret Christmas knitting, and finally finished the part knitted, part stitched cowl I've been working on for ages. I love it and haven't really stopped wearing it since I sewed it all together. Look for a pattern for it soon!


Katie's Tangents

I've been occupied baking cookies and cooking lots- this adaptation of the Zuni Cafe roast chicken + bread salad recipe is going into regular rotation! 

Our whole family has been involved in Julian's participation in a local production of A Christmas Carol- it's his first brush with acting and he loves it, it's fun to watch him stretch and warm to something new. 

We're easing in to the Holiday season, Michael brought home a perfectly trim, especially fragrant tree today and it fits perfectly into our tiny living room. It's nice how much easier it is to decorate a small tree! 


I'm hoping to organize a community garden in our neighborhood, so I've been reading, pinning, planning and hoping that other neighbors will think it's a good idea. Are you a part of a community garden? I'd love to hear what you like about yours.