What a busy, cozy Christmas-filled month it has been! A bit of travel, lots of amazing meals shared with family and friends, plenty of lounging, time to work outside on the house and garden…and it the midst of it all gift-y crafting and lots of knitting. A knitting mistake found at the 11th hour meant I spent the 23rd happily ensconced on the couch knitting like the wind for hours finishing a pair of trim clogs from Katie's book. Strider helped me felt the pieces and they dried propped up over the heater on the Christmas eve. What fun would gift knitting be if there  wasn't a dash of wondered anticipation, "will it be done in time?"! 

Under the tree for me I found so many thoughtful gifts including: an ikat indigo scarf from Strider, a great book on Carl Larsson from my parents, a perfect little waxed canvas, leather-handled project bag made by Katie, and from Abby a family portrait in cross stitch. 

We never got around to making cookies, I didn't get cards sent out, or help my boys make gifts for other families like we usually do, but it was a charmed month nonetheless, and a perfect ending to 2013!