Chicago VKL

What a whirlwind trip! Our visit to Chicago for Vogue Knitting Live was wonderful. Laura's brother-in-law Jamon was such a gracious, fun host! In addition to spending time at Vogue Knitting Live, we squeezed in as many Chicago features as possible in our 40 hour visit. We ate really well, 


saw the city from above

And made it to Vogue Knitting Live

Jaala at KnitCircus was a super-gracious and generous host, and it was fun to see people delighting in her beautiful gradient yarns! I brought some samples from The Knitted Slipper Book for my signing and chatted with many knitters about the book. It was also great to meet other designers, authors, and yarn company people. 


There was lots to see and do, including Laura's class with Grundrun Johnston, and an outstanding Mochimochi Land exhibit! (more on that another day…) 

We kinda lost our minds at Habu Textiles, we'll do a rundown of their amazing booth later this week. We both blew our yarn budget here too,  we'll share our purchases as well.


After Vogue Knitting Live, we squeezed in MORE sightseeing with Jamon and his partner Joey. 

Then we headed back to Kentucky on an extra-early Sunday morning Megabus trip, knitting and buzzing with inspiration and connections from our busy, knitterly weekend.  

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