Laura's Tangents

Surely if you are a knitter on the internet you've seen Barbara Kingsolver's essay on knitting in Orion Magazine this week, but just in case you missed it here's a link

It starts with a craving to fill the long evening downslant. There will be whole wide days of watching winter drag her skirts across the mud-yard from east to west, going nowhere. You will want to nail down all these wadded handfuls of time, to stick-pin them to the blocking board, frame them on a twenty-four-stitch gauge. Ten to the inch, ten rows to the hour, straggling trellises of days held fast in the acreage of a shawl.

Katie and I are participating in a holiday market in a couple of weeks and I have been taking a break from knitting to make some little stenciled animals:


Katie's Tangents

I've posted details about the holiday market in Berea on the events page- I'll be there signing The Knitted Slipper Book and will also have some hand-dyed waxed-canvas bags for sale, so I've been dyeing, waxing canvas, sewing and riveting this week- 

Cutting and oiling straps for waxed canvas bags
My worktable today- making waxed canvas bags

I am buying Christmas gifts uncharacteristically early this year, and it's delightful to have plenty of time to browse around Berea or online for special gifts for family members. Michael introduced me to Graeme McNee's Minimal Comics and we have a few of his pristinely elegant, wry books. They are wonderful. 

Image from Minimal Comics

Image from Minimal Comics

The comics are a few wordless panels, so simple but really fun. Here's a recent one from Graeme's website:

Image from Minimal Comics

Image from Minimal Comics

I bought a couple new books for someone and the package that showed up in my mailbox was so special, it doesn't need any holiday wrapping paper!

Pretty package from Minimal Comics

I can't believe that twine stayed intact all the way from Japan- pretty cool.