In Progress

:: Projects on our needles or work tables. 

Laura's projects

Moving forward on my cowl combining knitting and sewn fabric. It is really lovely to do hand stitching-back in my pre-knitting days I did quite a bit of hand stitched artwork, I miss it! (And, it is so fast compared to knitting!)

Clicking away on the slipper boots I'm making for myself, love this color way-Manos del Uruguay Wool Clasica #44 Briar Rose-can't wait it see how it will felt up.


Katie's Projects

I've been enjoying making some new arm warmers to replace the beloved ones I oh-so-sadly lost somewhere along the way. These new ones are not quite as fine-gauge, but they are going really quickly- I'm using one skein of special Freia Handpaint Ombre Sport that my friend Michelle gave me and striping it with oatmeal Brown Sheep Naturespun. For some reason I'm not sure of now, I knit them flat and am going to seam them right up. 

Striped Freia mitts

I spent the afternoon today making a dozen project bags from black gingham and neon cord. It was fun to be in mini-production mode. I'm still planning to add a stenciled patch or something, we'll see. These are the little treats that get sent out with copies of The Knitted Slipper Book if you order a copy directly from me. I'll also personally inscribe the books of course. 

Gingham and neon project bags in progress

I'm really enjoying reading what Karen at Fringe Association is up to. Her recent post about a basic knitting tool kit inspired me to collect my favorite knitting tools and make a container for them to live in. My default studio condition is chronic low-grade messiness, and it is super-frustrating to not be able to find stitch markers or my needle gauge when I need them. Laura has a tiny pouch with her at all times that has excellent little knitting tools, and she always saves my skin at our knitting group when I need a yarn needle or something. So I'm taking small steps to correct this situation and have collected some of my favorite knitting tools. I'm planning to make a waxed canvas and/or leather pouch for them- stay tuned to see what I end up with. 

Favorite knitting tools

(And I know that I should have a better yarn needle than a plastic one- but I always lose the good ones! Maybe after I make a nice tool case, I will buy some nice yarn needles as a reward...)