Katie's Tangents

I just started hosting a weeknight low-key beans and rice dinner. Even though our house is tiny and we struggle to have one family over for dinner, we have lots of space in the studio, and I want to spend more time with friends and neighbors. This week I tried a new recipe for the beans and doubled this recipe for Frijoles Negros. The only changes I made: omitted the olives just because I didn't have any on hand, and I used regular sherry and red wine vinegar in place of the wine and sherry vinegar. They were some super beans, so creamy and rich with olive oil. Once again, the answer to delicious food is more fat! 

I'm so inspired by the book 500 Felt Objects. As I contemplate new projects, it's awesome to see what other people have made with this material. 

Saturday I participated in the Kentucky Book Fair- what a great event! I bought too many books and talked to a lot of knitters! I brought knitting with me to work on but didn't get much done- there were so many people stopping by my table to talk about slippers- what a fun way to meet more knitters in the region.

The Knitted Slipper Book at the Kentucky Book Fair

Laura's Tangents

I finally got my hoop house put together yesterday! 


It is 12 x 16 and while from the outside it doesn't look that exciting, inside there are hopeful signs of many winter salads to come. Spinich, lettuce, tatsoi, kale, arugula and scallions are all coming along nicely.