Slipper Inspiration, Design & Techniques: Beading

I’m going to be doing some posts featuring some of the inspiration, design process and techniques I used when creating the projects in The Knitted Slipper Book. Since the work of the book was pretty solitary, I think it will be fun and instructive to share some quick peeks into my inspiration and design, then show some details from the finished projects. Laura and I are going through the same process right now as we think about new designs and projects. 

Today I’m thinking about the beading and sequins I used to embellish several pairs of the slippers I designed. 


While my own personal aesthetic tends towards understated, dark colors and little to no adornment, I thought embellished slippers would be a fun way to add some color and playfulness to the drear of winter. Here are just a few of the images that I collected on Pinterest when I was thinking about embellishing slippers- (all of the images' original sources can be found here.)

And here are details of the slippers I designed that feature beading on felt. They are the Beaded Moccs, the Ankle Fringe Boots and the Genie Folk Slippers.


I made a video tutorial to supplement the instructions in the book for how I sew beads onto the Beaded Moccs:

and how I add sequins and seed beads to the Genie Folk Slippers: 

Next time I'll talk about pompoms and fringe- two cozy slipper essentials!