In Progress

Laura's projects

Finished the knitting on the chunky slipper boots I'm making for Eli-now for the soles and lining. These were such a quick knit, I'm loving the clever combination of the knitted and felted soles and the knitted upper. This is the Chunky Slipper Boot pattern from The Knitted Slipper Book.


Also finished the cowl I've been working on for ages. Well, it isn't actually finished, I'm just. done. I knit up two skeins of yarn, and couldn't deal with adding another. Sheesh, this has been a boring ton of ribbing. The problem is-it really isn't long enough. Katie suggested since I've been messing around with combining knitting and sewing I could add a panel of fabric to make it long enough, and I just might....


Finally cast on for a pair of slippers for myself! Super excited to get started on the Renaissance Boots. 


Katie's Projects

I'm working on a prototype for a little project bag that will be a free gift for people who order a copy of The Knitted Slipper Book directly from me. I like the raw selvedge edge and scrappy stenciling.


Like Laura, I too am making a pair of boots for myself- the Ankle Fringe boots from the book. Fairmont Fibers generously donated yarn for us to give away enough yarn to make each pair of boots that Laura and I are making- stay tuned for that giveaway soon. Kip helped me with the rest of my photos for today... my first slipper is almost done after just one night of knitting.


I bought a Rainbow Gnome kit from Going Gnome at Rhinebeck and more roving from them at Vogue Knitting Live. I've been experimenting with needle felting a bit- it's pretty fun!


I finally knit a Gaptastic cowl and I'm not sure I'll take it off at all this winter. It's super cozy, knit with some Brown Sheep Naturespun Chunky which was way off gauge-wise, but it all worked out fine. 


It feels like we haven't done a projects in progress post in ages- what have you been working on?