Katie's Tangents

At Laura's suggestion, I put a big cozy sheepskin on my chair at the dining table. This chair is also in front of the window that looks over our front yard and is next to the fireplace. It's my favorite place to sit and drink coffee and knit in the mornings. Someone else has been enjoying the sheepskin addition to my chair- 


We have several huge oak trees in our yard and oh how we've been raking this fall! This weekend, Michael raked up a TON of leaves and rather than putting them out for the city to collect, we decided to make a mountain of leaf mold, a favorite garden amendment of mine. A couple weeks ago, I gave my hens to someone who didn't care that they only are laying occasionally, now that they are "old" for Golden Comets- 2 years. Our chicken run is empty, so Michael's been dumping all the leaves in there. My boys are delighted with the giant leaf pile, and even convinced Michael to join them for some wrestling yesterday. 


Laura's Tangents

Enjoying lots of fresh salads from my fall garden:


I finally made Margot (a veritable drool machine) some stylish bandana bibs following the Purl Bee tutorial. I was concerned two layers of woven fabric would be too stiff, so I used one layer of knit jersey and one layer of woven fabric-they turned out to have good drape and keep her clothes dry. 

The roof is done! It has taken Strider much, much longer to get on then we anticipated-we've got a bunch of other tasks completed in the same time frame-windows are going in, and today so is the septic system. Next comes the stairs, plumbing and electric wires....