Two more technique videos are live

Before I get to the videos, I wanted to let you know about a fun online event that's coming up next week. I am super-excited to be participating in one of Planet Purl's Live Events on my book's launch day, Tuesday, October 8 at noon EST. This is a video chat where I'll talk about the book and several of the projects. You will be able to participate in the conversation as well, I hope you'll join us! 

OK, on to the videos. First up, how to add a shearling lining to slippers. I think this is my favorite material for lining slippers, so cozy and squishy on your toes! 

Next, how to knit the loop stitch,  

which is an important technique to knit the super-plush Sunday Morning Scuffs. 

I'll continue to post videos over the weekend and into Monday.  

Today I'm headed to the Kentucky River to take a ride in my dad's vintage wooden motor boat and spend time with my two boys and family on the last day of their school's fall break. I think Kip would like a boat ride too, don't you? How could I leave a face like this at home?!