Projects in Progress and more videos

::Projects on our work tables or needles

Katie's Projects

I'm continuing to add videos every day over here. Yesterday I shared "How to Embellish Genie Folk Slippers,"  

and today, I'm featuring two soling videos- "How to Add a Latex Sole to Slippers"  

and "How to Add a Suede Sole to Slippers"  

The Inside Out Slipper Socks I was working on have been put on the back burner because I'm making a Baby Sophisticate for an October baby, and just realized it's now October! It's been a fun, fast knit so far. I know Malabrigo worsted is not the most practical material for a baby gift, but the softness can't be beat.  


Finally, I'm so excited to be working with Kollabora to share The Knitted Slipper Book with the community of makers there. They'll post a Slipper Skillset on October 14, and will be sharing an excerpt from the book- the House Clogs pattern. I'm new to the Kollabora community, so if you are already a member or join up over there, please look me up! I thought it would be fun to do a new version of the House Clogs for this event and am going to do a multi-colored wintery version using this dreamy skein of Malabrigo Rasta. 


Laura's Projects

(Aren't those videos Katie and Michael made so well done? Love them...)

My first project from Kate's book-the lace-up boots, lacking their stitched on leather soles, are already in use:


Finishing these necessitated a quick trip to the yarn shop yesterday so I could start another pair. (Thanks to mom and dad for facilitating a kid free, yarn filled afternoon!)  I'm now swatching for the chunky slipper boots for Eli. 


Still clicking away on my cowl-lots of people knit whole sweaters for Rhinebeck-my modest goal is to have this thing done-hmmm, two weeks to go!