Laura's Tangents

I had fun running up to our local Anthropologie with Abby and Margot this week to take a holiday decorations workshop. Everyone pitched in to make garlands for the store-we were working with cardboard in an inventive way, so of course I felt right at home!


We got chatting about Katie's book when one of the other participants metioned she works next door at Joseph-Beth Booksellers and had seen it on the new non fiction table...of course we had to go get a photo! Pretty rad. Looking forward to Katie's signing there-details are on the book's page under events.


I've enjoyed watching the development of (and nibbling on) persimmons as they ripen on a little scrubby tree behind our shed this fall. Such a beautiful native fruit.

Katie's Tangents

Isn't it nice how Laura and Abby are practically an additional publicist team for the book? I love it.  

I can't believe it's time to prepare for Vogue Knitting Live Chicago! Laura and I are traveling north this weekend, and I'm really looking forward to doing a signing at the KnitCircus booth 213 on Saturday at 11 AM. 

I'm delighting in this super-sweet review of The Knitted Slipper Book over at Kangath Knits. 

I may be checking the book's rank on Amazon now and then… I'm not proud, but I did grab a screenshot this past weekend- wow!


Speaking of Amazon, if you have and love the book and would be inclined to leave a review on Amazon, I would really appreciate it!  

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