Rhinebeck Wrap Up part 2

Katie shared the first couple of days of our trip, I'll do the rest! Going to Rhinebeck for the first time was exciting, overwhelming and inspiring all at the same time-so restorative to sit down for a minute with a hot cup of tea! (This photo is my favorite one-I feel SO lucky to have gotten to make this trip with these two...)


Our mom and I walked around all day Saturday and I didn't buy a thing other than lunch, just looked and looked at all the fiber, yarn, animals and lovely hand knits. (I've got to say, meeting folks and striking up so many knit-centric conversations was the best part of the experience!) By day two, I had seen a lot and was ready to decide what to bring back to Kentucky...

My first purchase? Two irresistible (sale priced!) hand painted skeins from Briar Rose Fibers:  

I've been looking forward to seeing Bartlett Yarns in person, I love how springy and wooly it is. 

I was really pleased to see several booths featuring naturally dyed yarns. New to me was Bengala dyes-soil based dyes from Japan. I brought home a bottle of dark grey since it has been an elusive color in my natural dyeing work.

We were all taken with the enchanting needle felting at the Going Gnome booth:


We enjoyed meeting shepherd and author Barbara Perry and being introduced to her beautiful, brand new book Adventures in Yarn Farming:


(I don't think you are allowed to do a blog post about Rhinebeck without including at least one photo of a fiber animal so with this sweet face I'll wrap it up...)