Rhinebeck Wrap Up part 1

What can we say? Rhinebeck was wonderful. Here's the first rundown of our super weekend- we'll write another post featuring our fiber acquisitions soon.

Our mom joined us for this trip and we drove from Kentucky to Pennsylvania on Thursday and spent the day with our grandma on Friday. Despite the fact that we were headed to a veritable yarn explosion on Saturday, we visited The Knitter's Edge in Bethlehem. It's a great shop, always hopping with lots of classes and shoppers when I visit.

Anyway, we headed to Mills Norrie State Park on Friday night. I'd reserved one of the rustic cabins for the weekend. While we were very prepared for our journey in lots of ways- snacks, lots of projects to knit, cozy knitwear to bundle up in, we neglected to bring a few key items for cabin life- namely, a flashlight. We shuffled through the dark woods, happy for the full moon and each other's company until we found our cabin- number 8. Despite having an electric space heater going at full-blast, Laura and I were freezing in our narrow bunks- it was a long, sleepless night. In the morning light we discovered one of the windows in our bunk room was open... oops! In the morning we discovered that our cabin overlooked the Hudson River- it was a beautiful view!  


Just a quick note- Laura published this blog post because she took all the photos, but Katie's writing all the content- so it's from my perspective today, then we'll both write the next post together...

I had responsibilities both days, and planned to spend the whole day Saturday at the STC Craft booth. I was nervous about long lines of traffic and people in the morning so we got an extra early start. The car that was parked directly in front of us when we got there indicated that there would be no lack of fibery enthusiasm among the crowd. We queued up in line with my suitcase of samples and portfolio of display materials. The line was long, so long you couldn't begin to see the actual entrance to the fair. After chatting with our line "neighbors" and realizing they were from Cincinnati- just a couple hours away from our homes in Kentucky, I remembered to check the paperwork I received from Merritt Bookstore, the business hosting my signing. I was delighted to read that guest authors could enter the fairgrounds early! We scooted to the front of the line and got to go in right away- a fun and happy way to start the day. 


Our relative solitude was short-lived...oof what a crowd!


Laura and my mom shopped and looked around while I headed to the STC Craft tables to sign copies of The Knitted Slipper Book. I had a super time meeting knitters and talking about slippers! So many people are getting started on slipper projects, and it was great to get some immediate feedback on projects in the book. I didn't snap one photo the whole time- I wish I had thought to take some photos of the happy slipper knitters! 

I wasn't at the booth by myself of course, STC Craft and Abrams' folks were there. It was so fun to finally meet Melanie in person. She had amazing Alabama Chanin garments on both days, and I can't even explain how cool it was to get to get to know her and talk about all kinds of creative projects. I also had the opportunity to meet marketing and publicity folks from Abrams- so nice to now have a "face" to match all the email contacts! The STC booth was huge with an incredible range of books, many of which are some of my favorite craft titles, it's still a bit surreal to me that my book was a part of their display! It was fun to meet other STC Craft authors who were also signing books. I had the opportunity to meet  super-friendly Gretchen Hirsch who was wearing one of the designs from her book, and Amy Herzog, who shared news about her CustomFit service. Clara Parkes was busy signing her newest book for the huge group of readers waiting for her, but I did get to meet her briefly.   


Of course, for most people, the whole weekend revolves around yarn! And there was plenty there. The Harrisville Designs display especially appealed to us...


And the Loop art yarn was captivating. 


Ok- I have to head out to my yoga class, but we'll show you what we bought and came home with tomorrow and share links to some of the cool people and businesses we came across. 

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