Knitted Wood-Chopping Man

So I finished the little wood-chopping man. This whole project began when I found this German tutorial for making a "wood chipper." But apparently I'm not so great at whittling that requires attention to proportion. My start of a carved figure ended up in the kindling bin. So I set out to make a simple knitted figure instead. And then I got carried away and kept knitting.

He is a gift for my forest-ranger brother-in-law Strider, who happily appreciates silly little moving knitted figures. 

I like his friendly face, 

as well as the knitted logs and paper and bamboo-skewer axe.

The mechanism works pretty well, and the "click" of the two pieces of wood hitting together adds an audio element. 

Anyway, I messed around in iMovie to make a little video so you can see him chop, that's the best part about this little guy after all, he moves! 


Now all of a sudden I have many more knitted automata ideas. The next one is underway. It's also a gift and it's also a beaded man. But in my family, that doesn't narrow it down much.