::Tangents is the collection spot for the things we're thinking about, obsessively researching, and doing at home and on the web.

Laura's tangents:

I finished the quilt! It is nearly 4 feet square-pretty happy with my first foray into foundation piecing-and my second try at machine quilting:

I got a sweet little package of goodies from Alabama Chanin's Garage Sale:

We have been taking advantage of the January thaw to get our roof sheathing on. It is so nice to hammer nails and get stuff done! We got 1/3 of the roof covered, and the forecast looks good for more progress this week....

Katie's tangents

I found my next building project after the Mouse Boats are done- a tiny greenhouse! I already received the plans in the mail and they are incredibly well-done and detailed. I'm going to paint it to match my house and hoping this week of warmish weather will allow me to at least get it started. 

I also spent a lot of this week reviewing the third pass of my book. Just one more chance to review the layouts before it goes to press in February, it's very exciting to be so close to holding the real book in my hands and sharing it with you. 

Otherwise, it's been a quiet week, my family is trying to enter back into real-life gracefully, after a long and lazy break. It seems impossible that I used to be able to happily get out of bed at 6:15, it's taking a while for me to get used to that idea again.