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::Projects on our work table or needles.

Katie's projects:

I've been spending time making another little boat.

If you are thinking that I never did reveal the first boat we started on, you are correct. We haven't finished it yet, but this second boat is for my soon to be 7 year-old's birthday, so it's bumped to the front of the queue. Happily, the weather has been beautiful this week and I was able to work in my garage with the door opened. I loved working in the sun, and so did Rascal, he kept laying on the plywood I was trying to mark.

I am learning a new appreciation for this tool:

A Stanley Surform, it's like a microplane grater for wood.  It costs less than ten bucks, has replaceable blades, and am finding all kinds of uses for it. Have you ever tried to shape something by sanding it? It seems you can sand  forever and the wood doesn't change a bit. This tool is like a super-powerful piece of sandpaper. The author of the book I'm using for the boatbuilding suggests cutting the pieces 1/8" or even 1/4" inch larger than your marked lines, then rasping it down to shape, and I'm finding that it's helping me end up with square, straight edges. 

Hopefully I will have two completed boats to share soon. The boats might not be made but they have names- Julian's is going to be called "Moon Bender" and Avery's will be "Lilypad," named after Mr. Jeremy Fisher of course! 

Laura's projects:

Weather made us take last weekend off from house building-Strider and the boys ran errands and put up our maple sap buckets so I enjoyed a couple afternoons by myself happily sewing away:

I really enjoyed making this. Being my second Tova dress it went quicker than the first. The placket and collar are finished so neatly:

The sweater I am working on is coming along:

(I'm only showing you the back because most of the front is made up of a yet-to-be knitted very wide shawl collar.) I've made it longer than the 13 inches the pattern specifies-15 inches-and then 2 inches of ribbing in lieu of 1 3/4 inches of garter stitch. The Cascade ecological wool yarn has been really nice to work with-I love how soft and sheepy it is.

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