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Katie's Tangents

When one of my favorite gardening/sustainable living blogs says to buy a particular type of seeds, I listen. It was such a huge treat to get these in the mail this week. I got the large size so there were plenty of seeds to share with Laura- it was a real bargain! I'm counting down the days until I can plant these.

Jeff Smith's Bone is the book that got Julian really reading, and it looks like Avery's learn-to-read books may be the Far Side collection. We had our first snow day of the year this week and he spent the morning on the couch deciphering comics. I will say that while the Far Side is generally easy to read, some of them are pretty tricky to explain to a six year old! 

More on this soon, but I'm currently captivated by pillows- 

This is made from a vintage pattern I've had for years, though I altered it to fit the fabric I had and changed some things around a bit. I really love it. 

Laura's Tangents:

I'm clicking right along on my sweater-number 10 needles + bulky yarn=speedy knitting:

I've been thinking about making a comprehensive garden plan for our yard-I miss the herb garden at the house we sold last spring:

It is too soon to start digging new beds and planting, but not too soon to march around outside with a 50' tape and graph paper!