In Progress

::Projects on our work table or needles.

Laura's projects

Just in time for very cold weather, I finished my new hat

All I've gotten around to doing on the Tova dress is cut it out-did you know canned tomatoes make great pattern weights?

So nice to get started on my Spindrift sweater:

Katie's projects

Laura's putting me to shame. I don't have much work in progress to show. I am working on finally, finally getting the collection of knitted and felted cozies together. 

There are eleven sizes all together and it's been fun to return to typing up patterns and doing pattern math now that the book work is done. It feels good to be doing this work again. I locked myself out of my house yesterday and so spent the day with Laura at her house. We worked together to hand-felt all the cozies and my knitting mojo must be spot-on because they all fit their intended jars or bottles perfectly. I'm very pleased with them and planning to send the pattern for technical editing this week. 

But hm, is that really it? I did finish my Rikke hat this week, but it grew and grew upon washing, rendering it unwearable. I'm hoping a run through the washer and dryer will tighten up the superwash yarn. Apparently I need to bust a major knitting move and get some more projects going if I'm going to keep up with Laura's knitting productivity, her Spindrift is already enviable and it's just a few inches... Maybe I should try to catch up with her? We'll see.