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Laura's Tangents:

I'm enjoying indoor gardening lately-growing micro greens on windowsills. Instead of buying bags of seed starting mix, I used the directions in The New Seed Starters Handbook, to sterilize (well moistened) finished compost by baking it in the oven. Hoping this will prevent damping off/weed seeds...

We got a bunch of work done on our roof today. The view from up there is pretty nice:

I love how you can see the boys' bedrooms taking shape:

Hoping to start on a Tova top for myself this week, oh and I also have a new knitting project underway-Spindrift by Cecily Glowik MacDonald.


Katie's Tangents:

January is really the best time to make garden plans, isn't it? I've been having fun putting together a Pinterest board that contains ideas I'd like to maybe incorporate into the hardscaping of my yard. I'd like to make our home feel more connected to our yard and surrounding landscape, and am excited to work more on that this Spring. 

I've been cooking a lot lately and am enjoying the book Salad for Dinner. I'm also intrigued by the author's newest book, Blue Eggs and Yellow Tomatoes: A Backyard Garden-to-Table Cookbook - doesn't that look like an inspiring read? 

One more cooking thing- One of my favorite cooking blogs is Eating from the Ground Up and I'm excited to try her Mustard Caviar recipe- I'm hoping to mix it up today. 


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