In Progress

::Projects on our work table or needles.

Katie's projects

I'm working on a new design- a small embellished clutch. The idea for chunky, colorful cross stitch on knitting has been in my head for a while so it's fun to finally be able to try it out.  So far, I like it.

And it's also the first time I used this super-tricky method of applying a zipper to knits. It worked amazingly well- still a bit fussy, but so much better than sewing.

The clutch also includes a tassel and pompom zipper pull, 

As you may have guessed by now, I'm aiming for a colorful, bohemian, more-is-more aesthetic. Next up is a small change purse with an all-over cross stitch design and a larger clutch that will combine knitting and leather. It's so fun to work on something simple, new and colorful! 

Laura's projects

My first ever sock is back to this point...It got underway so auspiciously, but when it was big enough to try on it was way too big...Being able to try on the sock part way through? Reason enough to make toe-up socks, I say. 

I love my little beret, but it doesn't really keep my ears warm. Copying Katie I started a Rikke hat-she suggested knitting it flat since it is all garter stitch:

After setting it aside for weeks, I finally finished Isaac's little hooded vest! I used this pattern, altering it by picking up stitches for the placket and making it ribbed, and this project as a hood starting point....Now all I need to do is use Katie's tutorial to make a couple of buttons!