Local color 1

As my rainbow project came to it's natural end, I mulled over ideas for a new year long endeavor. I wanted to somehow continue my focused study of the land we live on. It has been ages since I did any natural dyeing, and since having found my favorite dye stuffs, even longer since I experimented with new and different dye materials. I happen to have a lovely big piece of PFD (prepared for dyeing) wool yardage from testfabrics to work with:

I mordanted several 1/4 yard pieces with alum following the directions in J.N. Liles book:

Finding anything to dye with in the winter might seem daunting, but just as I was able to find plenty of stuff for my rainbow project, there are surprisingly many options around. Years ago I took a bogolanfini workshop which explored the possibilities of mark making and coloring fabric with soil and clay. Upon setting out to dye fabric once a week, all year long with different plants growing on our 20 acres, what better way to begin than with the (clay rich) soil under everything?

I made a slurry of soil and water and then:

I heated this mess to a simmer, took it off the heat and am going to let it sit awhile. I'll share the result of this dye bath and the starting of another next week. Looking forward to another color filled year!

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