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Katie's Tangents:

I just discovered the first flower in my garden of 2013- a Lenten Rose that's tucked next to one of the huge oak trees in my yard. This one was a gift, I'm always too cheap to spring for a $15.00 perennial, and it's been such a introduction to this type of plant. Evergreen all winter, and blooms in January? Yes please. I'm saving up to buy a few more this spring.

My boys and I had some awesome thrifting mojo this week and I found this vintage, working weather house. The man is outside when it's rainy, and it's been so drippy we haven't seen much of the lady yet...

On the same trip we found something that my boys were so excited about, they uncharacteristically agreed to each pay 1/3 of the relatively expensive $25 cost. The whole shebang is awesome, it's complete with a rotating hanger. But I might love the box (and font!) just as much.... 

So needless to say, my six year old is planning a dance party. 

Laura's Tangents:

In between rain showers, we've gotten a lot of our roof sheathed:

The 2 x 4s running across the tarpaper are temporary foot holds for climbing around. The dormers are covered with plastic till we get them sheathed-it keeps most of the rain out-pretty discouraging to have rain falling in your future living room!

Thinking about a new year long project, I spent a bunch of time with several of my favorite dye books this week:

I started my first pair of socks today. I am using Wendy's "excruciatingly detailed" generic toe up pattern. It isn't excruciating for me-it is perfect, and just what I have been looking for pattern-wise! I've never done a provisional cast on before-wow is it magical...


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