What my days look like right now

I've been spending more time in my recently-tidied studio, working on new things that involve plenty of pink neon,

filling up my new sketchbook with big ideas as well as grocery lists, (and there's another one waiting in the wings, oh it makes me feel rich to have plenty of my favorite kind of sketchbooks around!)

revisiting old projects that stumped me in November and trying something totally wacky and new that just might work,

enjoying the thoughtful gifts and little bits that adorn my windowsill,

and delighting in the sweet and quiet mornings and days now that my kids are back in school and Michael is back to work. We had a wonderful break and spent so much fun time together, but I always slept in too late to see sunrises like this one- I love those tree silhouettes at that time of day when it is still technically dark but the day is breaking.