Yarn Sale/Yard Sale

On Saturday morning, I hit up a yarn sale that the Berea Weaver's Guild held. A woman in our community, a retired Berea College art professor and fiber artist, died recently and this was largely her yarn. Boxes and boxes of yarn were for sale- just $2.00 a pound. Like the fiber artist's auction that Laura and I went to last year, it was sobering to shop from this woman's supplies. But it also feels really good to own a few things that were in her studio. 

There were also some finished goods donated by other members, odd bits and projects that were never finished, vacation souvenirs, and swatches.

I am not a weaver, but of course managed to find some things to buy.

And in my recently pared-down and culled studio, it is nice to have an infusion of new materials. 

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