Porch progress

It has been months since I have shared a homestead progress report, and we have made some exciting changes. Electricity, a telephone and the wonderful internet have made it to our meadow! After living here for almost a year without these magical inventions, we are connected, and it is good. Sadly, my old computer died the same week the internet showed up, so, to console myself, I got a new computer AND adopted a sweet little companion named Olive:

The two really do go together, because every time I sit down she jumps up into my lap...(these acquisitions make up for loosing lots of photos, and the accompnying guilt for not being more responsible...) Anyway, we've gotten a lot done on our screen porch: 

Naturally, the porch is not finished, the horizontal slats on the back are going to continue around the side eventually, and the gutters aren't up all they way...Our main water storage tank is under the porch, the barrel and stock tank are for watering plants and cooling kids. We've been eating most of our meals out here: 

There is also a super knitting perch:
The porch has room to sort and store produce:
We really use it like an outside living room:

Even Max has a favorite spot:

Hooray for screen porches, electricity and an internet connection!

 I've so missed being here and am excited to share my many projects and inspirations more regularly!