Neon bits I made

It's been rainy and cool for a couple days straight and the dark and damp made me want to brighten things up around my house this morning 

I made a new decoration for my front door,

It's just rounds of paper cut out and stuck together with double-sided tape onto thread. 

And I finally put up the necklace hanger I made weeks ago. I've been waiting to find the perfect place to hang this, but wall space is limited in our little house with plentiful windows, so I decided to hang it above my night stand. 

This is a piece of rough-cut lumber with neon-painted twigs stuck into holes. Now I need to make or acquire a few more necklaces! (The "Make Heaven" quilt was made by Laura and is hand-quilted and naturally dyed. I love it)

I'm still trying to decide about the final project, I'm not sure I should continue with it. I cut apart these thrifted leather boots...

And inspired by these, I'm making them into pull-on ankle boots. Neon-painted leather makes up the gusset. 

I'm so low on leather I had to patch three or four little bits together to make the long strap that circles the ankle. 

I still need to sew the gusset into place and better secure the top hem. We'll see. 

Hopefully the neon bits will brighten my space as well as my mood, I'm dithering around in a post-book daze, a bit rudderless and restless all at the same time. I'm not sure where to best direct my energy next, and all I seem to be good at right now is making big messes in the studio. How do you decide what to do next after completing a big project? I'd love to hear your thoughts.