One more time with spoons

I've made a few spoons before. And happily, I've been messing around with spoons again as Laura and I, along with our spouses, are taking an evening spoon and bowl carving class at Berea College. Our teacher Jason has provided a good workspace, nice tools and a great balance of instruction and work time, so we're all making some spoons of our own. I'm excited to toss some of the cheapie Ikea tools I've been using in the kitchen and replace them with utensils that are handmade.

Here are some photos Laura snapped in class this week. 

::Show and tell- The spoon on the bottom is my husband Michael's first spoon! The greenish spatula above it is the one I just finished in class, though it needs more sanding, and the second one down is the first spoon I made with my friend Gin. The top one is my favorite little eating spoon that I brough to share.

:: Sharpen and strop- We're learning to sharpen on diamond stones. I am so excited to learn this as it is a joy to work with good, sharp tools, and I've been struggling along with dull, nicked blades. Jason shared a relatively simple but repeatable way to get a good edge on knifes and hatchets, and then we got to practice.  

:: Materials- Lots of wood to work with, some of it was cut just hours ago. These chunks are mostly for bowl-making, I think.

:: Tools- The nice thing about spoon-making is it only requires hand-tools. This is Laura's spoon in the vise, and she used the gouge to clean out the curve on the "shoulder" of the spoon as it approaches the handle.

We still have two weeks of class so there will be more spoon news soon, I'm sure.

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