Fixer-upper Wardrobe

Since last week, I've been doing little more than caring for sick kiddos and preserving large quantities of produce. (More on that tomorrow.) Instead of starting from scratch this weekend and trying to sew something, I took a less-risky route to clothing acquisition. I hit Goodwill and did some alterations. 

My biggest success of the day: making this vintage wool coat shorter. 

I blogged about this coat a few weeks ago, but it's a find from the $1 thrift store in our town. Following this super-detailed video, I made the coat and lining shorter. 

I used this coat for my coat length guideline and am pretty happy that my coat turned out similarly, for $277 less.

The pocket location isn't exactly the same, and my coat has a bit more waist shaping and flare around the hips. I was also thinking about re-doing the lining as well and even found a huge silk skirt at Goodwill, but decided to quit while I was ahead, and just repaired the few popped seams in the lining instead. This coat is so well-made and heavy, I hope it lasts a long time. 

The other sewing I did isn't very exciting, but did add two more pieces of clothing to my closet. I took in some pants I found at Goodwill and made them straight leg from flares. Laura has been doing this with great success, making skinny jeans from thrifted jeans that fit otherwise. I also removed the "hips" from a thrifted denim blazer/jacket. 

I'm hoping to stencil my tank next, and still have some sweater sleeves to knit. Maybe when I get all these clothes done I can make a pipe garment rack to hang them all on! 

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