Handmade Charm Necklace Project Introduction

My personal style is decidedly plain. A black t-shirt, jeans, and my sandals, and I'm set for the day. I'm not out in the world much, so I guess it's ok that my look is basic and casual.

Lately I've been getting tired of dressing so plainly, and already shared my plans to do some more clothing making. Meanwhile, I was also bothered by my lack of adornments. My scarf selection seems stale, I don't really have any necklaces or bracelets... I need a change. So after scanning the Pinterest board of jewelry I like, I set out to make myself some new things to wear using only the supplies in my studio. 

I'm starting with a necklace of handmade charms. So far mine has a bit of wood carved into a bead, a silken tassel, a cluster of sequins, a tiny feather, and a Shisha-style mirror. I think it's sweet and special. Each charm has meaning and thought behind it, and I thought maybe you might be interested in making a handmade charm necklace too. Each of the charms would also work well enough as a pendant on its own chain, so you could make a collection of understated necklaces instead if you like. I thought it would be fun for it to be a mystery "charm-a-long," so I'm not going to share the final necklace until I post all the tutorials. I'll do a new tutorial every Friday for 8 weeks, each time featuring a different charm. Want to join in? Read on for details.

Every week, I'll give you the materials needed for the next week so you can be ready to go when I post the new tutorial. 

Today we'll make the dead-simple chain that isn't really a pattern, more of a suggestion about materials.  I'm using Finca Perle Cotton Size 8 that I buy at my local bead shop. This perfectly lovely cotton thread comes in a wide range of colors. The color I specify here is understated and non-yarny in a good way. It's just right. 

Now. I'm not a crocheter, but surely we can all manage to work chain stitch for a bit. Give it a try, it looks nice and works up so quickly.  

You'll need:

Size 1.75 mm crochet hook, or any size thereabouts. 

Finca Perle Cotton size 8 [100% cotton; 42 yards (38.5 meters)]: 1 ball color #8742, Medium Shell Gray (I haven't ordered from this site before, it's just one I found online that carries this color...)

Chain 24" I like mine to *just* be able to slip over my head, that way the necklace isn't too long. Cut thread and pull the yarn end through the live loop. You won't tie your ends just yet as you need to slip the charms over, so just leave it plain for now. Maybe you could make a couple more in different lengths while you're at it? 

Meet me back here next week, and we'll make a stacked sequins charm. 

You'll need:

Assorted sequins

Thread, thin sewing or beading needle

One large seed bead