Studio Visitors

I know I said yesterday that I'd show you my new charm necklace project, but it turns out I'm working on a few more things for the book, so there will be no extra crafting today. But I do have something to share.

The weather today is mild and cool, perfect for leaving the doors open and letting in the breeze. The screen door to my studio frequently blows open and today I inadvertently let in a couple visitors... 

My neighbor's curious cat. This tiny shadow of a cat has never ventured into our yard while we're home. Our dog Rascal is keen to chase any cat that even looks twice at our yard but today he was snoozing on the couch. This very talkative cat that announced her arrival into my studio by squeaking and chirping to me. Pretty cute. She played with a bit of yarn just like a cat is supposed to, then was spooked by my enthusiastic kiddos and moved on, back to her usual outdoor realm.

Then I inentionally left the door open, hoping "Squeak" would return. Instead, someone else flew by.

A Carolina wren that safely made its way back outside after I snapped its photo. 

I'm back to work and there will be no more visitors today, other than my kids, as I had to close the door, the flies found their way in too...